Hours of Operation

We are an animal clinic offering many services at reasonable prices. Office visits are $35.00 to see our Doctors and that includes a physical. If you need to bring in more than one pet at a time, we offer a discounted office visit charge for second or more pets at $20.00 per pet.

Our doctor is on duty every other Wednesday, and every Thursday thru Saturday.
Wednesday & Thursdays are our late nights, in which we see clients from 11:00 AM until 7:00 PM.


Sunday Closed
Monday Closed (Boarding drop
available by
off & pick up
Tuesday Closed  –
(When Dr. Away)
Open 9:00AM
Thursday Open 9:00AM 7:00PM
Friday Open 9:00AM 5:00PM
Saturday Open  9:00AM  4:00PM

Pet adoptions!
We offer spayed and neutered puppies and dogs on a limited basis for adoption that are rescued from high-kill animal control and humane society organizations as well as pets that have been released by their owners. Potential adopters are asked to email their interest in adopting so that we can send the adoption application to be filled out and emailed back to be processed for approval. Once approved, the whole family should come meet the potential new pet, including current pets if possible. Times to meet the pets should be scheduled so we can concentrate on you and your potential adoptive pet.  If need be, meetings can be scheduled on the weekend if at all possible for the staff. (Email: animalcare.society@yahoo.com)

Pet boarding!
We offer air-conditioned kennels for the comfort of your pet as well as rooms within the clinic to keep your pet as comfortable as possible during it’s stay with us. We are available for boarding drop-offs and pick-ups by appointment.

Doggy Day Care!
Schedule your pet to stay for a day, half-day or just a couple of hours! This service is available Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm (11am to 4pm on non-doctor days).

The Groomer is in and available by appointment! Call to schedule your pet’s groom for a comfortable and gentle experience. No rushing or forcing pets to accept grooming. Our groomers takes their time with each pet to make them as comfortable and at ease.  So if your pet is special to you and you want them to enjoy the grooming experience, give us a call!